1. 5 years ago 

    Ch. 1.

    [So Spirit and I go back and forth every post, and make a stry tat u will all enjoi. if you r a stupid prepz who hatez at us go away.]

    I have like black hair, that’s pin strait but when i wnt it to be curly, i just have to touch it and use my magical witch powers. i am a witch / zombie / vampire. you see, but i dn’t look like one, because i’m super hot wit like blond hilights and red/whit eyes that change to brown when i wunna fit in, and i don’t want people to stare at my hotness.

    "Stanna, get down her and eat your breakfast!!"

    my dadde is really rich so so am i. but i’m not spoiled. i’ve had a hard life. my mom won the lottery and then tottally abandoned meh. she got a new mansion and sold her old ones. oh gawsh i miss my old homes. she says i can get a sports car when i trn 19. i’m only 16 now, but i’m a senior is hi school cus i’m so smrt.

    today i’m wearing a black mini skirt, and knee length black boots with silver sparkles. my dadde says i cant where the thi-highs to school anymore until i see a theipist. i said hell no, prepz. and now i’m onli wearing knee-high leather boots. wid the sparkles. so many people are staring at mi boobs cus they’re so big, and the corset makes them look bigger. [like that’s possible] my hair is in the cutest piggy tales eva, so i look supah hot, but…

    my blood-o’s [c original!] tat i had for brakefast this morning were sooo sweet. eweee. i hate tat. i think i’m gonna go up to me room and cut my self. maybee i’ll call my best friend in the whole world sperit.

  2. 5 years ago 

    Spirit Pentecost.

    Hi, my name is Mary-Sue Spirit Ivy Willow Pentecost. I have relly long black hair wit red streaks nd red tips. I have dark forest greene eyes that change colurs sumtiems, they change to icy blue nd blood red depending on my moode. I’m reely goffik and Im part vampire. Sum poeple tell me that I look leik a female versiun of Gerard Way. Thats a gud thing becuz I think he is a total sex bomb. I always wear sexy goth outfits from Hot Topic. Today I am wearing a sexy black corset with red lace that shows of my boobs, and a short shirt with red lace, and black and red fishnets and sexy black boots that go past my knees. I almost always have on black nail polish with red pentagrams. I am relly depressed, and I slit my wristz almost everyday, but I wont die becaus I am a vampire. I liek to wear lots of makeup. Today I had on heavy black eyeliner and black eyeshadow with a little bit of red, and blood red lipstick and white foundation even though I am already relly pale.


  3. 5 years ago 


    My name is Stanna Rutlifaskiticowksi. But all of my frnds call me Stana Roofe. last nght i cut my rists like rlly bad, so my rich dadde took meh to his private doctor. i wus wearing my favrite black strapless dress with these stick-on shulderpads, and a red corset. These thigh-high leather boots that dadde bought for me. my frends are jus jealous that Carter Williams a jock mummy-spawn at my high school wunts to date me.

    so they are jus prepz who dont understand me. but theyre just jealous of my clothes and my dadde, and Cartey. the private dctor said i had to c a therperst. but i sed hell no to those prepz.

    tell me i wus rite, cus now im living wid my mom in her huge mnsion. but i miss my daddes hge pitbull who used to coddle wid me bfor i wnt to sleep. [c how badass i am!]